WELCOME TO GOD RIPPLES where I share messages and warnings I have received from God. The messages are not audible, but unexplainably imparted, as if spoken directly to my mind. All of the messages come to me in the middle of night, when I am suddenly awakened to hear a word or phrase. I’ve also seen visions, had dreams, experienced supernatural events, and even a miracle healing.

I have kept all my original middle-of-the-night messages as written. God has known all along the exact time I would share these messages. It was for a purpose, and it would be in his perfect timing – for such a time as this! (See Messages 2020.)

It is my prayer that you take heed and make your hearts right with God (see Messages 2021), because a storm is coming. Be prepared! (See Messages 2014.)

 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my spirit on all flesh:
 and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. 

Acts 2:17


A collection of dreams I have had, starting in 2013 and continuing until today.

Messages from God

The many impartations I have received from God or his angels.


I have recorded all the visions I have seen, including the Coronavirus in 2014, and another possible virus to come (see 2020).


These are writings about the many supernatural events that have happened in my life.

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