Welcome to God Ripples. I began this site as a place to share what God has spoken to me, as well as the visions and dreams, and even supernatural events and miracles that have happened in my life. The first words I heard came in 2008 and continued sporadically until 2013-2015 when they started coming more and more frequently, sometimes imparted with great authority and volume (see Messages from God). I also saw visions, including the Coronavirus pandemic, a volcano causing a huge tsunami that strikes a city, and an armed attack on Portland, Oregon (see Visions). I’ve even had very vivid dreams including some kind of devastation to come, a super tornado hitting a big city, and even a dream of what I believe heaven will be like (see Dreams). Many of the words I heard were not even in my vocabulary, and I would often look them up the next day. I knew the messages were not coming from me, yet I did nothing except write down what I heard or saw. I believe the time has come for me to share these supernatural events. I believe they were given to me for a purpose. I believe God has known all along when I would finally share what I have been given. I believe this is the exact right time.

For such a time as this.

I heard those very words in the middle of the night on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017. I was awakened from deep sleep and suddenly heard, for such a time as this,” as plain as day as if imparted to my mind. As had happened many times before that, I had no idea what to do except write down what I heard, and go back to sleep. The words spoken to me are not audible, but unexplainably imparted, as if spoken directly to my brain. I have continued to hear words, see visions, and have dreams to this day.

It is my prayer that if even one person takes heed, and is brought to faith in God through these writings, my life will have mattered. It is my prayer that eyes, ears, and hearts will be opened. It is my prayer that those who are led to this site will go on to share these writings, as well as their own stories/testimonies with others, and that God’s truth will spread like ripples of living water throughout the world. The sharing of these stories and testimonies will be called…God Ripples.

 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my spirit on all flesh:
               and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. 

Acts 2:17


A collection of dreams I have had, starting in 2013 and continuing until today

Messages from God

My many impartations that I believe are divinely inspired messages from God.


I have faithfully recorded the things I have seen and felt necessary to impart to people.


Things that cannot be explained away – these are writings about occurences in my life that I believe are supernatural in nature.

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