Words from God – 2016


11/7/16 Woke to: “Propitiation” (Another word not in my vocabulary!)
Turned on the radio in the car after poor communication with my daughter the night before regarding the 2016 election. As soon as I turned the radio on, I immediately heard the words dilemma and propitiation. I had to look up the definition:

The action of propitiating or appeasing God, or a person. “He lifted his hands
in propitiation.”
Atonement, especially that of Jesus Christ.

It was day before the 2016 presidential election and I had told my daughter I wanted to please God more than I wanted to please her (how she wanted me to vote) and that I would be voting more conservative. That night, God would wake me to the word “propitiation.” I had told her I was concerned about the growing moral and spiritual decay I saw happening and would be voting for candidates with more conservative values. This caused her to leave my life from that point forward. I knew this was a test. It still is a test. There has been deep, deep sorrow for both of us as I have not seen or spoken to her or my son-in-law, or my precious granddaughter since then. I continue to pray for her and her family, and for reconciliation.

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