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The night before my mother died

My mother was very ill and living downstairs in my home. The doctor had released her after being treated for a diabetic coma and later pneumonia which she contracted while in the hospital. My two brothers and I were elated they were sending her home and we all expected her to be getting better soon. But that was not to be. Within a week, she would be dead.

The day before she died was a day I will never forget. She didn’t seem to be feeling well and I wanted to take her to the doctor, but she refused. So I called my younger brother thinking she would definitely listen to him and voluntarily go. But she refused him also. He even tried to lift her out of her bed but she resisted. With tears in her eyes, she begged us not to take her to the hospital. After many attempts to convince her to go, we finally gave up.

That night, after giving her all her usual medications and making her comfortable for a restful night’s sleep, I soon sank into own bed exhausted and quickly fell asleep. I had purchased monitors to keep near her bed and in my room upstairs – just in case. I don’t know how long I was asleep or what time it was, but – AT SOME POINT I was suddenly awakened to the sound of my mother gasping for breath on the monitor! I’ll never forget it! I can still hear her rapid, labored, loud breaths…gasping for air. I sat up in bed with a jolt – ready to run downstairs to her. But, that was not God’s plan.

At the very moment I was jolted awake, sitting up and ready to run to her – a presence came over me, like a gentle hand, lovingly pushing me back down, and at the same time softly whispering… “it’s all right, everything is fine, go back to sleep,” as I was slowly being made to lie back down. It was as if I had no power of my own, aware of what was happening, but absolutely no power to do anything about it. I was gently forced back to sleep – and I slept straight through until morning. My mother was to die that day. It was her time. It was the time God had chosen and He sent an angel to tell me so.

I believe the only reason I was made aware, then put back to sleep by the angel, was that one day I would share my story. It was my mother’s appointed time to go home to heaven. An angel wanted me to know it was just as it should be, it was what she wanted, and that I was to share it one day. Twenty-seven years later I am doing just that.

The day my Mother died

My mother died on the day she and God had planned for her to go to her eternal home in heaven. An angel had kept me from taking her to the hospital the night before. This was to be her appointed time and I was to know it and share it.

My mother died while lying in a hospital bed downstairs in my daylight basement home. She died quietly and with no one nearby. She died while I was upstairs in the kitchen preparing a sandwich that I intended to throw up. I was bulimic and had been eating and purging for 13 years. She knew it – but many did not.

She had been quite ill since coming home from the hospital a week before. I had taken a tray down to her for lunch, and I noticed she looked much better and told her so. She said, “I feel much better too!” She sat up in bed, had color in her cheeks, and her voice was no longer raspy. Little did I know this was her last burst of energy before dying.

After getting her settled in with her lunch and making sure she was comfortable, I came upstairs and sent my 7 year old daughter out with an umbrella to play in the rain in our backyard for a while. I needed time to prepare something to eat, and then throw it all up before she came back in. This was an everyday occurrence – several times a day.

But while I was slathering mayonnaise on my soon-to-be purged sandwich, all of a sudden, it was as if someone was standing right next to me and I heard, “use this to stop,” softly whispered in my right ear. I quickly brushed it off as just my imagination and continued with my plan to eat and purge.

Later, after getting rid of my lunch, washing up, and bringing my daughter back inside, I went downstairs to retrieve my mother’s lunch tray. As I walked into the room, she was no longer sitting up, but lying prone, still holding the handrails. She was not moving and I knew. She was gone. She had just died while I was upstairs making a sandwich that I would eat and purge. I did not hear a sound from downstairs, but I did hear the whisper upstairs.

Was it her voice that softly whispered in my ear as she left her physical body? Was that why the angel had shown me it was to be her time the night before? I will leave those questions for you.

I DO know this. I was completely cured of thirteen years of bulimia that very day – and I have stayed completely healed from its life-threatening grip for the last 28 years. I believe it was a supernatural miracle that was divinely planned to happen on the day my mother entered eternity.

NOTE: Sixteen years later, I would be healed from another disease on this very same day in 2009 (see The Beginning/My Healing.) Was my mother involved somehow? I believe she was. It was all part of God’s plan for her life – and mine.

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