Dreams – 2014


DREAM I was healing a man while speaking in another language. I spoke louder and louder and louder until I felt the release/calm in my spirit, which told me that my prayer had been heard. I fell back asleep, then later that night woke to the words, “Friends and relatives will see you not” (see Messages 2014).

To me this symbolized that my friends and family will not see the significance of these writings, or that I have a gifting in this area.


DREAM I saw a man in a room sitting at a desk looking at a newspaper for a sign.

I went in and said, I do that too, I ask God for a sign.” Then, I noticed a newspaper taped to the wall next to his desk and saw the word “Now” as it got bigger “NOW” and bigger “NOW” and suddenly I woke up!

Earlier that night, I woke to three loud knocks like someone was knocking on the door. It was so vivid, I decided to write it down, then quickly fell back asleep. I wrote about this also on the Messages page because I not only had the dream, but I also heard something that night (Messages 2014). Was it God or an angel loudly knocking? Was it God or an angel speaking to me later? Was the message, This is your sign – NOW, NOW, NOW?

I know now it WAS a sign! Yet, I did nothing at that time. I didn’t know what to do, except write about it, as I did with ALL the messages I was being given.


DREAM of a group of people dressed in ancient middle eastern garb (very similar to Assyrian depiction below). One group on the left was asking another group on the right for something. The group on right then asked how they would be “recompensed.” I can still hear that word in my mind. Recompense was not a word in my vocabulary at that time, I had to look it up! I felt the group on the left wanted the seed (DNA?) of man. Over the next few days, I would hear or read the word “recompense” several times.


DREAM. I woke in the middle of the night from a very disturbing dream about the end times. Then, all of a sudden I heard the words, “The time is at hand”(see Messages). In the dream, I was shown several signs, one after another, after another, and ALL the signs were leading to some kind of desolation.

The signs were listed in chronological order 1. 2. 3.., but all I could remember or see when I woke up was the very last one. I remembered/saw the words These are the written words.”
4.  These are the written words.

We know from the book of Revelation in the Bible that desolation is coming in the end days and it will be our choice to believe in Jesus and that his words are truth. People will either believe or they won’t. The consequences of unbelief will be unimaginable suffering. I saw it. It will be your choice.


I pray that you, dear readers, will TAKE HEED (Messages 2013), and MAKE YOUR HEARTS RIGHT WITH GOD (The Beginning 2009) because THE TIME IS AT HAND (Messages 2014).


DREAM that my son and I were walking together toward a bluff of some kind overlooking an ocean. It was twilight and suddenly a big bright star moved through the sky and stopped just to the right (1:00 position) in the night sky. Then…it was as if God were speaking/making it happen…a new moon suddenly appeared to the left of the star, then another moon to the right and slightly lower than the other one. I wept and told my son I was so happy to be able to see it in my lifetime. It was extremely vivid and deeply touching. I could feel myself crying for joy in the dream. It was so vivid I even drew a picture of it in my journal the next day. This was the only picture I could find to try to capture what I saw.

NOTE: I later realized that this dream just happened to come to me on my birthday.


DREAM: I woke from a dream of lots of people walking around in a large city with white masks on. This dream came after I was awakened earlier that same night to a vision of a what I called a spore of some kind with spikes all over it (see Visions). I woke myself up asking, “what is it Lord?” I had absolutely know idea what it meant, but simply wrote about it and the vision in my notebook.

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