Tui Sum

December 2008 – The Beginning

It was the strangest thing. One ordinary night in the middle of December 2008, I suddenly awoke to two words. I heard them as plain as day. Words that didn’t make sense, yet I could see the spelling and hear them at the same time. I was dumbfounded. Where did it come from? What did it mean? Why was I awakened to hear them? I had absolutely no idea. The two words I saw and heard were…“Tui Sum.” That was it. I lay there wide awake wondering what in the world it could mean, and eventually gave up and fell back to sleep.

The next day I mentioned it to my daughter and son-in-law, both university students, and  they thought Tui Sum was Latin and the meaning was….

“I am with you always,” or
“My love is with you always.”

I had no idea of the significance of those words and what God was planning to do in my life in the coming years. He would not only miraculously heal me, but I would go on to receive more messages, as well as visions, dreams, and visits by angels.

My Miracle Healing

February 2, 2009

Not only was this a miracle healing just six weeks after I heard Tui Sum, but I was healed on the very day my mother died 16 years earlier!

Exact words from my journal:
It’s been two months now since my healing and I’ve found myself just going through the motions of everyday life again like nothing ever happened. And believe me something big did happen. Something very big! I was completely healed of a serious illness. Two months earlier, I suddenly woke in the middle of the night to the words “Tui Sum.” I had no idea what the words meant or why I heard them.

My brother had prayed for me that night and it seemed like I wept for hours. I did not feel healed by his prayer, but I did cling to something he said. He had incredible faith and asked if I believed what Jesus said, or what the world says? Did I believe His words or the words of man? He also said he believed it was not my time. We stayed up late talking and praying, then I finally crawled into bed next to my husband who was already asleep. I collapsed in bed, completely exhausted, and found myself clinging to the words of my brother, “do you believe God or man, and, it’s not your time.” I began saying over and over, “I believe your words God, I choose not to die before my time,” and eventually I fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I lay there, but all of a sudden I was brought awake and saw a vision of Jesus standing above me on the left side of the bed. It was as if I could see Him clearly yet I was aware my eyes were closed. It was like there was no ceiling in the room, yet I knew there was one.

He was very tall (12 ft?) and dressed in a long white robe. I could not see his face because He was so incredibly tall – and because in between Jesus and I  – was my dear brother. He was reaching up to Jesus with one hand and reaching down to me with his other hand. Then as I grasped his hand, I suddenly heard…“Woman, you are healed!” It was loud and clear and spoken with great authority. 

I instantly began to weep and rolled out of bed onto my knees and started to pray and give thanks. It all seemed to be rather a blur after that. I don’t know how long I stayed on my knees crying, but I vaguely remember crawling back in bed and falling into a deep, deep sleep. All this time my husband lay next to me sound asleep. He never woke once. He knew nothing of what had happened! Was he not allowed to wake? Was time stopped?

The next morning I went downstairs (my husband had gone to work) in a daze of sorts and told my brother (who lived with us at the time) what had happened. We both cried and hugged and thanked God through our tears. I explained to him that I felt rather odd, like my abdomen was tingling all over, almost as if it was lit up with electricity, and that I felt like I needed to lie down and rest. He then relayed a healing story of his own when he was healed by God and that he remembered that same feeling. It was like all the cells in your body were sent into hyper drive somehow and you needed to shut down for a while until they went back to normal.

I did lie down and rested the entire day, completely drained – and completely healed!

There was also another miracle that day. This all happened on the very day my mother died – 16 years earlier (see Supernatural 1993). Was she instrumental in the healing? I believe she was, but only God knows. I do know my brother was instrumental as he had prayed for me the night before and I saw him in my vision reaching for my hand, as he reached for the hand of Jesus hovering above him. It was a truly a miracle!

# # #

A few months later on April 26, 2009, I was awakened again in the middle of night to a message given with the same strength and authority… “Make Your Hearts Right with God.”  Again, the words were very clear as if someone was standing right next to me. I wrote the words in my journal, and did nothing. Little did I know, that these were the first of many important messages to come that I believe came straight from God or through His angels.

As I finally share these miraculous and supernatural happenings in my life, I pray that after reading them, you will take heed (see Messages 12/13) and make your hearts right with God.

For Such a Time as This