Words from God – 2013

1/26/13 Woke in the middle of the night to “Come up to me and I will give thee …?” I wasn’t quite sure about the rest of it, but it was so unusual to hear the word “thee” that I was suddenly wide awake! Why would I hear such a thing? Was it an angel speaking to me? Was it God? I  could not remember exactly what the rest of it was, but I did remember it had something to do with “parables.”

Then later that same night, woke to: “Proverbs 6:16

Proverbs 6:16
For there are six things the Lord hates – seven that are detestable to Him.

6/29/13 Woke to: “Physician Heal Thyself.
Looked up next day as I had no idea what it meant. It turned out to be Luke 4:23, and for the next four days, I opened to that exact same page!

6/30/13 Woke again to: “Physician Heal Thyself.

After holding prayer vigil over my cousin today and trying to articulate how Jesus had healed me, later that night I heard the same words as the night before, “Physician heal thyself.” I believe God intended the message for me that I might know I am to share my testimony with people away from here (perhaps through internet), away from family, for they know me only as their sister, mother, wife, friend, etc. I would continue to hear or be shown “Luke 4:23” for several days.

When I was thinking on this, I looked at the time and it was 7:17 – the day of my birth. That was the day given me for God’s purpose with my life with all its trials, tribulations, sorrows and joy – as well as miracles, signs and wonders – that I might share them with the world.

For whatever reason, I’ve been hiding. Perhaps out of fear. Or is it all in God’s timing? What joy I feel at this moment knowing God is with me always (right now I feel His presence) and his smile as I finally get it. A tear drops from my right eye. A sign to me acknowledging the Holy Spirit moving in me. I am ready God. Lead me in this new direction to share my relationship with you.

This day’s message from my Jesus Calling book: “I am working on your behalf. Bring me all your concerns, including your dreams. Talk with me about everything, letting the Light of my Presence shine on your hopes and plans. Do not try to hurry the process; you must accept my time frame.”

12/12/13 Woke to: “Arise and be well.

12/15/13 Woke to:
Do you think it’s right to let someone you love walk alone without God, among the wicked, the _______?, the ________?, the _______? without telling them the truth?

12/19/13 Woke to: “Take Heed.
I had watched the movie Left Behind earlier that night and in it, an angel was prophesying to people to “Take Heed” when speaking about the end times. I highly recommend you watch the movie. It is old, but I believe it is full of truth about end times.

12/20/13 Woke to: “Take note and be sorrowful.” Again, I pray you take heed and watch the movie or others about the end times to come.

12/30/13 Woke to: “4679
Had no idea what it meant, but thought okay God, I’ll write it down, so I reached for my notebook in the dark of night, opened it and scribbled 4679 on a page. Next morning, I asked my husband what that number could possibly mean. He said, “That’s your phone number isn’t it?” We both laughed, and he said, “God is calling you!!! Write it down.”

NOTE: I could not see where I was writing in my book (didn’t turn on the light). The next day I saw I had scribbled 4679 over the top of words I had written way back in 1993. The words were… instrumental in helping build something to help a lot of people – global. I had scribbled 4679 on top of those words – 20 years later!

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