Supernatural – 1992

An Angel in my daughter’s room

I’ll begin by sharing what seemed like an ordinary night in which my 7-year old daughter would wake and call me to comfort her back to sleep. But this was no ordinary night! It would prove to be the most powerful, supernatural event I ever experienced and one I will NEVER forget!
An angel came to me that night, whispered in my ear, then slowly drifted up and away. I felt its presence as if it filled every inch of the room. I was given two words – and the most incredible glimpse of what heaven is like. I will NEVER forget it.

It was very early, still dark and not quite dawn, when I heard my daughter calling “Mom!” from her room down the hall. She did this often and I would lie with her until she fell back asleep, and then wander back to my own bed. This time, however, after she fell asleep, I slowly began drifting to that in-between place, close but not quite asleep, when all of a sudden I felt a presence in the room and THE most incredible and indescribable sense of wellbeing. I cannot – and will never be able to – put words to it.
I dared not open my eyes because I felt this powerful, glorious presence right next to me! It was as if it was kneeling next to the bed. I wasn’t afraid, but somehow I knew I shouldn’t (or perhaps couldn’t) open my eyes. It was absolutely indescribable – and I definitely KNEW IT WAS AN ANGEL!

It felt as though the angel was there for hours – and at the same time only seconds – as it softly whispered two words in my right ear; then, just as quickly as it had appeared, it slowly started floating up and out toward the right corner of the room. I could not only sense it – but I could feel it happening as if I were part of it.
I spoke (and begged) with my mind, “Wait! Wait! Please don’t go! Wait! Please! Please take me with you!” as I felt its presence slowly fade away toward the corner of the room. It was THE most perfect, warm, blissful, wonderful feeling, and I wanted to be absorbed in it, or with it, and not stay here. I was ready to and wanted to go. All this time, my eyes were still closed. I dared not open them for some reason, yet I was totally aware of what was happening.

There are no words in this life to describe the feeling of what had happened. Indescribable is the only word. It was as if nothing had weight, there was a warm lightness in the entire room. If I had to try to put human words to it, they would be… the purest form of love, complete bliss, lightness, ecstasy, joy, peace, contentment, but mostly…it was this indescribable pure love that enveloped every part of my being. It was so strong and so wonderfully perfect. I cannot put it into words. I don’t think I will ever be able to. Not in this life. It had to be what heaven is like.
As I came back to my humanness, I remember thinking I should write this all down! But just as quickly, I thought “No need, I’ll never forget this!”

However… the next morning, the two words I thought I would never forget…I forgot. I could not remember exactly what they were. As hard as I tried, and relived the entire event, I could not remember exactly what the two words were. At that point, it seemed to be more of a feeling actually. It felt like a gentle and loving message that all was well in my life, I was not to worry, and the two words were somehow a confirmation of that.

In my mind, I thought perhaps the two words were “it’s him” thinking it meant the man I was dating was meant to be in my life (we are now married!). Or perhaps he would do something important for God. Then much (20+ years) later, I wondered…could the two words have been… “it’s you?” Perhaps it was me who would do something important for God.

Whatever the two words were doesn’t really matter. I think the angel came to show me (and now you dear reader) what heaven will “feel” like, and that all was (and will be) exactly as it should be. At this very moment, two words come to me to describe the feeling…indescribably glorious.

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