Dreams – 2021


Two people, man and woman are out sight-seeing (but with a purpose). Saw them from big picture window going down a path and around a corner. I followed and saw the man staring up at a huge electrical tower/station(?) staring intently. He was bald and seemed to be talking to many thousands(?) about Islam using carefully selected words about how wonderful it was, and how wrong Christianity is.  Earlier I woke to “what is the address?

3/7/21  DREAM of alligator in pen in small amount of water outside window looking in my direction. I drew a picture in my notebook it was so vivid: an alligator inside a square with head pointing south, tail north.

From internet dream interpretation: Spotting an alligator half-submerged in water could also represent a hidden desire that’s starting to surface. Because it’s a threatening reptile we’re talking about, this “desire” might be one you’ve deemed too dangerous or risky to acknowledge, or perhaps it’s something that makes you feel intimidated.

Then noted that I opened bible to Luke 10:19  (All power over the enemy.)

5/8/21    DREAM: Vision of a zip line toward an ocean(?) that ended at a building of some kind with (evil doer?) entering and going into a small room???

12/1/21  Dream of armed Muslim terrorists taking over town I was in. It was a total surprise attack. Suddenly, there were heavily armed middle eastern men some with head wraps and masks directing people to go into bldgs/homes or into large groups. I was with others were watching from a window. The feeling was sudden terror. Not knowing to run outside or to hide. Found myself thinking why didn’t I tell those I love how much I love them? Why didn’t I….lots of it’s too late now. Why didn’t I…? Quickly going through a dresser(?) drawer of valuables/mementoes, “why didn’t I….? give these to loved ones(?) or…?

It seemed to be a smaller city. Not like Portland. Near an ocean(?) as I saw some people running to the water, only to see a large ship already taken over and men with guns forcing people single file off the ship. There were people hiding or out in the trees/bushes, a few with guns and I saw a one young man, then a few others follow him bravely headed into town to fight back, but majority were unprepared. NO guns, nothing they could do. The feeling was absolute terror.

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