Words from God – 2017

4/16/17 Woke to: “For such a time as this.” No idea what it meant, but I dutifully wrote it down and fell back asleep. It was Easter Sunday.

As I sat in church that morning, a vision of the face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin suddenly appeared right in front of my face! The vision seemed to drift closer and closer until it was right in front of me. It was exactly as it has been depicted from the shroud. Everything else in the background was blurred. The image was right in front of me, so clear and up close. I closed my eyes as his face got closer and closer but I could still see it, as if Jesus was staring directly into my spirit. After what seemed like an eternity in only a minute or two, his face slowly faded away. The image I saw was the one below.

Was this the face of Jesus that was left on the shroud when he ascended out of his body? I believe it was – and is.

The following Saturday, I was at a Right-to-Life Conference and I heard the speaker say, for such a time as this” and it seemed as if she was looking directly at me. This was not an accident! I was awakened in the middle of the night just days before to those very same words – on the day we celebrate Christ rising from death to His Glory. He would leave behind his bloodied shroud as a sign of his rise from death to life.

We can have the same everlasting life – IF we believe he is the Christ. It is our free gift – it is our free choice. He will not force you, but waits for you to invite him into your heart. What a wonderfully perfect plan for humankind.

Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”   John 20:29

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Words from God – 2018

4/26/18 Woke to: “A part of this mission is the understanding of YOUR mission.”

As I woke to this message, I also felt a presence pointing directly at me! I believe it was an angel. I did not see it, but somehow felt it in my spirit! I obediently wrote what I heard and felt in my notebook and fell back to sleep.

NOTE: This would be the ONLY message I would receive for the entire year of 2018.

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