Virtue is defined as a trait of excellence that may be moral or intellectual. The cultivation and refinement of virtue is held to be the “good of humanity” and thus is valued as an end purpose of life or foundational principle of being.

Evil prevails when good people do nothing.


STAND UP for organizations working to stop the moral decay and corruption in the world today. Sign petitions, donate, join school boards, write your representatives, write television stations, movie theaters, etc. If we stop going to the theaters because of the filth and evil they are showing our children, they WILL get the message. Here are a few organizations to consider supporting:

Alliance Defending Freedom (adflegal.org)
Life Site (lifesitenews.com)
Live Action (liveaction.org)
One Million Moms (onemillionmoms.com)
Thomas More Society (thomasmoresociety.org)
American Family Assoc. (afa.net)
40 Days for Life (40daysforlife.com)
Students for Life (studentsforlife.org)
Abort73 (abort73.com)


STAND UP against Netflix, Hollywood, etc., and the offensive and dark movies in our theaters today. Refuse to watch them! If it makes you uncomfortable and you have a check in your spirit while being exposed to it – turn if off, or get up and leave! The theater WILL take notice. That uncomfortable feeling is the Holy Spirit nudging you. Do not ignore it! Do not be complacent. Your children are watching how you react and what you allow.

There is definitely evil in this world today and we are slowly and mindlessly becoming desensitized to it. Don’t do it! Refuse to watch ANY movie or ANY television program that you know is morally wrong and/or sends improper messages (sex, violence, vulgarity, disrespect) to our precious children. They watch, absorb, and learn from what they see and hear – and WE are responsible for allowing it! By not watching network television programs (and letting them know) and/or canceling cable service, you will send a very powerful message.

Spread the word! Ask your friends and family to do the same. Contact people in power. Write local and national networks about their ungodly television programs, and let them know you refuse to watch their programs/channels. They have even begun targeting pre-school age children with sexual content on Sesame Street! We must protect our precious, innocent children from this. Do something! Do something no matter how small it is. Do something about what you know is wrong. Do something about what you know is right. Stand up!


STAND UP and fight against the slaughter of the unborn! Support the right to live! Join a 40 Days for Life campaign every spring and fall to stand and pray outside abortion facilities in your city. Donate to organizations that are fighting to save the unborn (see above). Encourage young people to watch and share the movie “Unplanned.” It is the true story about an Planned Parenthood abortion worker who actually saw a baby being aborted on an ultrasound while she assisted the doctor. She saw what actually happens and was so sickened, she quit and went on to become a pro-life advocate and the star of the movie.

Ask your church to be involved in the 40 Days for Life campaigns, and meet with pastors, church leaders, and members of other congregations. Make flyers and post them around your city. At the very least, join people from all over the world and pray during the 40 days in one focused mission – to save the lives of the unborn.

Reach out to the media if you feel led in that way. The pro-life message can be spread through news stories, talk shows, editorials, and letters to the editor reaching those who never attend church or seek conservative viewpoints regarding abortion. Stand up against what you know is wrong!

Watch Dr. Levatino who is a former abortion doctor testifying in court about the abortion process. Most women have no idea about the facts and what actually happens during an abortion. They are told it is simply a clump of cells. They don’t see the ultrasound. They don’t hear their baby’s heart beating. They don’t know their baby will be torn apart limb by limb. They are purposely kept in the dark.

Another site to read/watch is what Maureen Condic, Ph.D., said during a hearing regarding a bill to ban late-term abortions. She is an expert on human development and stated that unborn babies feel pain as early as 8 weeks.

Lastly, if your eyes are still closed regarding this issue, please see priestsforlife.org/images/abortion-images-galleries.aspx. You will see the absolute truth of what happens during and after an abortion. The images are not pleasant to see – but they MUST be seen!

This is NOT about someone’s choice. It IS about ending a precious human life.

If this information has opened your eyes and heart to the atrocity of abortion, please share your feelings with as many people as you can. Do something, no matter how small. Anything is better than nothing. Spread the word. Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.