Visions – 2021

2/13/21  Saw as I awoke four round spheres (with a grid in each) and each one was divided into quarters… 1st was ¼, 2nd was ½, 3rd was ¾ and last was whole (or complete). I felt like it was … Read More

Visions – 2020

9/1/20 Woke to vision of looking out the window of a tall building (toward the east?) and I suddenly saw a volcano erupting in the distance, then felt myself running down lots of stairs. When I finally got to ground … Read More

Visions – 2017

4/26/17 Woke to a vision of a Chinese/Asian(?) army attacking Portland, Oregon. It was a total surprise attack! I first saw a submarine coming up the Willamette River, followed by lots of airplanes. Then all of sudden, an army dressed … Read More

Visions – 2015

5/1/15 I suddenly woke from a deep sleep and a had vision of a….. bacteria? virus? organism? It was as if I was looking through a microscope! Then I saw the outline of the state of North Carolina like it … Read More

Visions – 2014

7/20/14 Woke to vision of a microscopic spore of some kind. It was yellow and had spikes all over it. Then I heard myself ask “What is it Lord?” Then I fell back asleep and dreamed of people walking around … Read More