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May 28, 2012 Opened Bible to Psalms 91:11
This morning after arriving home from taking a spare key to my son who had locked himself out of his car, I opened my Bible as I usually do, just letting it fall open to where I am supposed to read. It fell open to Psalms 91:11.

Psalms 91:11
For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

My son’s key was on the same key ring that held the key an angel had bent one year ago to keep me from driving drunk (see Supernatural 2011). This morning’s message was God’s reminder of that incident and that an angel saved my life that day.

But this day’s supernatural happenings weren’t over! As I was driving to meet my son, I was listening to a Christian radio station that quoted John 14:6: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. However, later that day when I went to look it up I remembered it as John 16:4, and looked that up instead.

John 16:4
But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them.

So, not only did I get Psalm 91:11 on this day to remind me of guardian angels, but God also showed me another scripture to remind me to remember that scripture – AND it came to me through a mistaken memory! Does God have a sense of humor? Perhaps!

June 2012 – Supernatural Computer Message

NOTE: This happened just months before my husband and I would be baptized.

It was yet another weekend night of me being frustrated and very unhappy about being married to an alcoholic. As usual my husband didn’t want to do anything except sit and drink until time to go to bed. This was how we spent weekend after weekend. He would drink until he passed out sitting in a chair or went straight to bed early. I would usually watch a movie or busy myself with something – feeling totally alone. Even though his physical body was there, his mental/emotional body was not.

This particular night my husband went upstairs with beer in hand, after already having 10-12 beers to go sit and drink more. But, this time I felt myself getting extremely angry and agitated (the enemy!), and thought to myself, I’m just going to eat then, if he can’t stop drinking, why should I stop eating! I’ll just get fat. He doesn’t care about my wishes, so why should I care about his? So I started some popcorn in the microwave, went back to the living room and turned the television on and the movie, The Bodyguard, happened to be on and it was a scene showing Whitney Houston. But as I sat there watching, I could feel myself getting even more angry about spending yet another weekend doing nothing. So I quickly changed my mind and decided I’d GO out to a movie instead of watching The Bodyguard on TV – just to get out of the house.

I felt furious by this time and angrily stomped my way to the computer in the other room to see what was playing at the nearby theater. When the computer finally turned on, I pulled up the theater and clicked on a trailer for some movie that looked interesting.

BUT...instead of the trailer coming on screen, it suddenly changed to a completely blank, black screen! I sat there wondering what in the world just happened. Did I get a hacked somehow?

THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN… out of nowhere, white words started moving across the blank screen, like they were being typed but only one line at a time. It was as if it were talking to me (just like in the movie The Matrix!). I wanted to run and get a pen and paper but didn’t dare because I didn’t want to miss anything – it was moving that fast! There was only time to read one line at a time as it moved across the screen – one line disappearing, as another one started. Like I’m typing right now, but you couldn’t look back to read it, there just wasn’t time as it kept typing away, one line disappearing and another starting.

When it finally stopped, I sat in a daze. What just happened? I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t even remember what it said exactly, it had happened so fast. I could hardly keep up reading it. My mind couldn’t keep up or process it fast enough.

The “feeling I had during the whole time WAS memorable however. There seemed to be a sense of urgency about it, like the time is now. Stop wasting time!

What was really strange was what I did remember. At some point, the words running across the screen read something like, “even Whitney Houston…knew something or did something(?).” I could not remember exactly what it was, but it felt like she knew time was short, or she was close to God, or was also married to an alcoholic, or maybe all three. I couldn’t remember exactly what was said about her, but the fact that her name was mentioned really got my attention! I had just started watching her on television moments before receiving this message. I was so intensely angry at the time and totally in the mode of self-sabotage and destruction.

Was it God speaking to me through the computer? Was He trying to make me wake up and stop wasting so much precious time so concerned about self? That was the general feeling of the message – time is short, that nothing else matters, stop wasting time, it’s time to…?Somehow, it had something to do with God and it felt as though I was supposed to DO something. But I had absolutely no clue what it might be!

When it was over, I quickly tried to get back to the same trailer, but all that came up was the normal trailer. I tried over and over and over, and even turned the computer off and on thinking it was a fluke one-time ad that would pop up when the computer was first turned on, but I was never able to find it again. It truly was supernatural. I sat in total disbelief at what had just happened. It was like I was suspended in a “time” moment. I cannot explain it.

I finally went upstairs to tell my husband (in a dazed, zombie-like state and still slightly trembling) and said, “something really, really strange just happened,” and proceeded to tell him everything that I could remember. But it was too late. He was past the opportunity for him to hear/absorb/be present for anything. He had already had too much to drink. He could not hear or process the magnitude of it. I was left to try to interpret the message by myself. It seems it was meant for me and me alone – and only I was supposed to know how important it was. I sat dumfounded – numb and alone – not knowing what to do with what had just happened

A few months later, however, both my husband and I would be baptized (see below). God was waiting for just that. After such an incredible experience, I knew I wanted to draw closer to Him. I told my husband I wanted to get baptized and he agreed to do it with me…. then things really started happening!

11/25/12:  Woke in the middle of the night to: “Luke 3:16” 

We were to be baptized that very morning, and on the way to the church, I suddenly remembered I had heard Luke 3:16 in the  middle of the night and wanted to look it up because I had absolutely no idea what it said. Now remember, we were only beginning to read the bible and learn about Christ and did not know or have any scriptures memorized. So, imagine my surprise when I got out my phone and looked up Luke 3:16. Now I remind you, this happened on our way to be baptized!

Luke 3:16

I baptize you with water. But one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.

He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

We COULDN’T believe it! This was no coincidence! How likely is it that I would be awakened the night before I was to be baptized to hear a scripture about being baptized? We were dumfounded. It was truly a supernatural God miracle! I wept and wept through the entire baptism. Even the pastor, members of the congregation, and my family were wiping tears away. I could not contain it. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire just as the scripture I woke to foretold.

This would be the beginning of a heightened awareness and intensity of messages received from God during the following years (see Messages 2013-2015). The messages would continue to this day, but not with the fervency of those years. When we got home after the baptism, feeling the Holy Spirit on me, I reached for my Bible and it fell open to:

Psalm 71:18
Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not: until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.

I am now old and greyheaded. I pray that throughout this website, you of this generation will sense God’s strength and power through these writings, and will go on to share with every generation that is to come.

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