Words from God – 2014

1/6/14 Woke to: “Break my heart for what breaks yours” and I happened to glance at the clock. It was 11:11. My daughter and I had always noticed 111’s and would comment to each other wondering if it meant something. Somehow we both knew it was significant. Two years later, during the 2016 election, we sadly fell out of our close and wonderful relationship because of our differences regarding politics. We have not spoken since. We both have experienced deep, deep sorrow and loss. My heart was truly broken and I’m sure hers was as well. We remain unreconciled.

1/12/14 Woke to: “Friends and relatives will see you not.
I was having a dream about me laying hands on a man for healing while I was praying in the spirit. I kept praying louder and louder until a calm came over me, and I knew he was healed! Then I suddenly woke up from the dream and heard the words Friends and relatives will see you not.” Just as when I heard “Physician Heal Thyself” (6/29/13), I think this message is also telling me that my friends and family will not receive these writings as having any meaning or significance. I am to share with those who do not know me.

1/14/14 Woke to hearing the sound of three loud knocks and quickly fell back asleep.

Then, I proceeded to have a very vivid dream of a man sitting at a desk inside an office. He was looking at a newspaper for a sign from God. I went in and said, “I do that too, I often ask God for a sign!” Then I looked up and I noticed a newspaper on the wall next to his desk, and I saw the word “NOW” and watched as it got bigger “NOW” and even bigger “NOW.” See Dreams 2014.

I immediately woke up and remembered the three loud knocks I heard before the dream. Was God telling me THIS IS YOUR SIGN! Was the knocking I heard from an angel? Was the message “This is your sign – NOW – NOW – NOW?” Yet, I did nothing except write what I was hearing.

2/18/14 “Anointing” and “Luke 1:11
I went to a coffee shop on this day and brought a note pad with me. When I lifted the first page, I noticed I had written “anointing” over the top of “Luke 1:11” which I had already written down from another day but had not written the date on the page. These were clearly words I received in the middle of night, scribbled them on a notepad, and fell back asleep. I’m not sure if I heard both words the same night or totally different nights, or even what day I heard them. It WAS clear, however, that I had scribbled the word anointing in the darkness of night exactly over the top of Luke 1:11. I chose to add them on this day because that’s when I saw them. For whatever reason, God wanted me to record them on this day in 2014.

Luke 1:11

And there appeared to him an angel of the Lord standing on the right sideof the alter of incense.

2/20/14  See Dreams 2/20/14. I had a dream this night about a group of people on the left (dressed like depictions of ancient Assyrians) asking for something from another group of people on right also in some kind of robes (it felt to me like the seed (DNA) of humans). The group on right was asking how they would be recompensed. Recompense was not a word in my vocabulary. I had to look it up. Five days later, I would wake to the following:

2/25/14  Woke to: “Genome Project.” Later this same night, I was awakened again. This time I heard the word: “Legions!”


The Human Genome Project (HGP) was the international, collaborative research program whose goal was the complete mapping and understanding of all the genes of human beings.

NOTE: Interesting that I heard this after the dream of some kind of people/beings in robes asking for the seed/DNA? of man (Dreams 2/20/14), and that I heard the word Legions right afterGenome Project. The Bible speaks of Legion as meaning many demons!

3/12/14 Woke to: “Big Picture!”
I was saying the words out loud in my sleep and woke myself up!

3/15/14 Woke to: “The time is at hand.”

Then I immediately remembered an earlier dream – of things to come? There were many signs shown, one after another after another, listed in chronological order, and all were leading to some kind of desolation (see Dreams).

I couldn’t remember how many were listed, but all I could remember was the last one, and it was something like “these are the written words.” I was not allowed to see more than that for whatever reason. One week later I would get another warning: “A storm is coming. Be Prepared.”

4. These are the written words.

3/23/14 Woke to: “A storm is coming. Be prepared.

7/17/14 (See Dreams.) I dreamed and saw planets shifting as if God was moving them.

7/20/14 (See Visions.) I saw the Coronavirus in 2014!

8/6/14 Woke to: “And they removed the newer calf.” Then heard my name… “DIANNE!” really loud! I had no idea what it could possibly mean but wrote it down.

8/14/14 Woke to: “tell them about the generations of/from homosexuals.” The feeling was it was a statement that there are NO generations from same sex couples – it is NOT from God. It is NOT God’s plan – and I was to record it and share it.

9/2/14 Woke to: “This is the answer to what will be done…Silva.”
We had just started renting rooms in our home to a grandmother and her two grandsons. Their name was different than their grandmother’s, and I wasn’t even aware of it yet. The next morning, I told her what I had heard and asked if she knew that name. She quickly responded, “that’s the kids’ last name – Silva!” (Note: Perhaps her grandsons will do something important for God. Or could there be another Silva of importance? Four days later I would wake to another name I’d never heard before.

9/6/14 Woke to: “Jim Joice.”
No idea who he is. Just heard (and saw spelling!) of the name and wrote it down. I believe he is another person God has a plan for. Watch for both Silva and Jim Joice. (Update: Jim Joice now does government consulting in Washington D.C.)

10/24/14 Woke to: “….uncertain unless you pass the initiative.
It sounded as if someone was speaking inside a helmet! Truly. It was a deep thundering voice…loud, powerful, deep, and low. Was it an angel? Was it God? The next day I looked up the definition of initiative…

1) An introductory act or step; leading action
2) Readiness and ability in initiating acti

12/4/14 Woke to:Called to do something He’s already equipped you to do!

12/15/14 Woke to: “Alfalfa, fish eggs.
Felt light-headed today, slight vision interference, it was very strange. We bought some caviar and alfalfa that night, and my husband said “we’ll make it a Christmas tradition!” It was fun – and delicious! As usual, I had no idea why I heard it.

12/25/14 Woke to: “His truth is marching on.” How appropriate to hear on Christmas day!

I knew it was a song, but had to look up lyrics. It was written by Julia Ward Howe in 1861. The words came to her in the middle of the night. She would later remember saying to herself, “I must get up and write these verses down, lest I fall asleep again and forget them.

How interesting I too have risen from bed to write words I have heard – lest I fall asleep again and forget them. His truth is marching on!

12/29/14 Woke to: “Glory to the Newborn King.”
Could this be the actual day of Christ’s birth? I knew it was a beloved Christmas song, and I looked up the lyrics the next morning. I will leave it to the viewer to do the same. It may surprise you.

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