Dreams – 2021

1/17/21 DREAM of watching two people, a man and woman, who I first thought were simply out sight-seeing, but then realized they were definitely walking with purpose like they knew where they were going. I watched as they went down … Read More

Dreams – 2020

4/30/20 DREAM I’m in a room wandering around unable to open my eyes, like they’re almost glued shut. I keep trying really hard but they will not open all the way and the little I can see is very blurry. … Read More

Dreams – 2014

1/12/14 DREAM I was healing a man while speaking in another language. I spoke louder and louder and louder until I felt the release/calm in my spirit, which told me that my prayer had been heard. I fell back asleep, then … Read More

Dreams – 2013

12/20/13 Woke from a dream where I was running from a HUGE tornado and finally found safety in a subway. I wrote it down, then fell back into a deep sleep. Later that same night, I was suddenly awakened to … Read More