Dreams – 2020

4/30/20 DREAM I’m in a room wandering around unable to open my eyes, like they’re almost glued shut. I keep trying really hard but they will not open all the way and the little I can see is very blurry. Next, I’m lying on the floor and someone comes out of a bathroom stall and says, “are you okay?” and proceeds to help me up. I lie down on a bench-like structure and there is a computer screen or laptop near my head and as I’m looking at it, I suddenly think about homeless people and how simply lying down and watching a movie would seem so wonderful and comforting to them.

Note: After thinking about this part of the dream, I wondered if the person who wanted to help me was actually homeless, and I was made to feel what it must be like for them. My eyes were not open or were blurred to seeing them clearly. Even in this man’s homeless state, he was willing to help me. As I am finalizing my notes for this website today, I realize my eyes and heart need to be opened wider regarding the homeless.

Then the dream continued… and I was suddenly in an outdoor area on a bluff of some kind, and there was a stone-framed open area with pillars, and a marble bench to sit on to enjoy the view (Grecian like architecture). Then I noticed sitting on the left side of the bench is a man who turns and looks deeply into my spirit and says without talking to “come see” and motions with his left arm sweeping open toward the view in front of him. I sat next to him on the right and looked out at THE most beautiful scene of trees and sky in the most vivid and never-before-seen colors of magenta, purples, deepest greens, yellows, and blues.

It was so magnificently overwhelming that I began to weep, and I looked at him again as if to say thank you, but he already knew, and he had the most beautiful peace and love and serenity and everything perfect in his face and smile. Then, I noticed he had shoulder length hair and his face was ageless. His smile and the look on his face was pure love and acceptance. I not only saw it but I felt it in every part of my being.

Then…I saw my son and his family (currently agnostics) coming around from behind me and they stood to the left of Jesus, and I introduced them to him and invited them to “come see” also without talking, and I saw them smile and the look on their faces had that same pure joy and beauty shining brightly on them. But, more important than any of it was that…they wanted to see.

#   #   #

As I leave this dream section of God Ripples, I pray that you too will want that same beautiful joy, love and perfect peace shining on and in you. If you don’t know Jesus, you can simply tell him you want to know him. He will invite you to “come see” all that he has to offer. It is a glorious feeling. It is a glorious gift. But he waits for you to want to see. I pray you do.

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