Words from God – 2021

1/2/21  Supernatural Incident

As I sat down with my cup of coffee early this morning, I noticed a small rock on the side table that had the word JOB written on it. I asked my husband if he knew where it came from and he said no. We both immediately thought it meant the book of JOB (not a work job) so I reached for our Bible (TLB version) to look up the book of JOB and I opened exactly to Job 4 and at very top of page on the left (Job 4:6) it read: At such a time as this, shouldn’t trust in God still be your confidence.

My husband and I couldn’t believe it! I had just finished my first draft of the God Ripples website two days before, and on the main opening page I had chosen the words: GOD RIPPLESFor such a time as this! I chose those words because four years earlier, I was awakened in the middle of the night to hear those very words…“For such a time as this” (see Messages 2017). I had been hearing words in the middle of the night for years prior and would continue to hear them, even to this day.

Neither my husband nor I had any idea where that rock came from or how it got on the table next to us. I did remember that a very long time ago on Thanksgiving, I had asked everyone to write on a rock what they were thankful for and put in a basket and we would randomly pick them out and read them aloud. Could this rock be one of them? Was someone thankful for a job, or maybe even the book of JOB at that time? But how did it suddenly appear on our side table? Neither of us had put that rock there – AND no one knew about my website yet!

I believe it was an angel letting me know, this was the exact right time for God Ripples...for such a time as this.

1/6/21 Woke to: “The peace of God will grow strangely dim

1/16/21 Woke to:  “Overseas Thunder

1/17/21 Woke to:  “What is the address?”  (See Dreams 2021)

2/28/21 Woke do: “There is power in the name of Jesus.”

3/3/21  Woke to: “Fight fight fight!”

3/5/21 Woke to: “There is power in the name of Jesus.”

3/12/21 Woke to:  “Broad Vision

4/23/21 Woke to: “The peace of God will grow dim.” (Heard same thing 1/6/21)

5/1/21  Woke to:  “The things of God will grow strangely dim.”

7/17/21  Woke to: “The things of God will grow strangely dim.” (Again!)

 7/19/21 Woke to: “ Installation CPEPO” Had no idea what it could mean, but wrote it down. Next day googled it and this is first thing that came up at that time:

CPEP (Contemporary Physics Education Project)

Mainly in the form of kinetic energy of the fission fragments, that provides the heat to run the turbines that generate electricity at a nuclear fission power plant.

Six months ago, I had a dream about a man staring up at a huge electrical tower(?) or power plant(?) of some kind, and at the same time he was speaking to thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people about Islam and how wrong Christianity was (see Dreams 2021). I was also awakened from deep sleep that same night to hear the words, what is the address?

11/21/21 Woke to: “C4

It was like one would call out a bingo number. That’s all I heard and saw in my mind. As usual, I had no idea what it could mean, but obediently wrote it down on my scratch pad next to the bed and fell asleep. The next day I googled it and saw that:

C4 could be an an explosive or…

The Command, Control, Communication, and Computers (C4) Branch (of the Marines) that identifies, experiments with, and analyzes new communication and information system technologies for the warfighter. C4 Branch supports numerous Marine Corps network developmental tasks and interoperability demonstrations to assess the potential impact of advanced C4 technologies on future expeditionary operations.

11/28/21 Woke to:  “Pieces of sin.”

I felt it was somehow related to the virus. This is what I had written in my notebook: “pieces of sin – Virus.” Then underneath was scribbled …Make your hearts right with God.

11/30/21 Noticed I had scribbled in my bedside notebook 1407 then underneath that was written, Tap Score – Water Test. Must have heard it during night and forgot about it in the morning. Once again, I had absolutely no idea what it could mean.

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